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Looking for experienced construction professionals to help build your perfect new home from scratch? Struggling to find a firm with the expertise and affordable rates you need to hit the ground running? You really need look no further.With years of experience in helping to fabricate and build homes and properties for people all over our region, 

Hayder Builders is the only name you need to trust when it comes to construction expertise. From the ground-up, we’ll help to build you a robust, long-lasting building which offers you all the mod cons you desire. Safe, contemporary, and flexible to your needs, there’s never any reason why you should compromise on quality.

Our friendly team of construction experts works with some of the most complex projects and building standards in the industry. We love a challenge! Fully regulated and willing to work to bespoke design plans and custom ideas, it’s high time you spoke to a leading construction team in your area.

Whether for refurbishment, renovation, or completely new builds, Hayder can be on hand to create that perfect property for your needs. Why settle for anything less than perfect? Allow us to build the best for you – call us now or email our team for a free consultation.


Is your property looking a little behind the times? Is your home or commercial building no longer serving its purposes as well as it should? It’s time to think about taking on a renovation. But where on Earth do you start? Simple – you start by getting in touch with a construction and renovation team with years of experience in the building and fabrication industry. Hayder Builders’ team of experts works hard to assess and survey properties and premises, before working with our clients to draw up plans which will completely revitalize their buildings..

We want to make sure that your renovation runs in the direction you demand it to. It can be difficult to renovate on your own. Therefore, make sure to discuss your bespoke plans and design needs with our team. Want to transform your property into a Tuscan villa? Keen on open-plan living? Maybe you have a period property in need of some serious TLC. Regardless of your needs and wants, Hayder Builders will work with you to create a stunning look that is both eye-catching and practical. Make the most out of your property with a fantastic, modern renovation. Call our team for a free quote and consultation now or email us whenever you are ready to move ahead!



So – you’re setting up a big home or business design project. Unsure where you want it to go? Maybe you’re having trouble getting the early designs up and running. Don’t worry – as Hayder Builders’ team of construction and design experts will always be here to consult on your projects as much as you need us to.As part of our bespoke consultation services, we will make sure to keep your precise needs and wants in mind. Simply set up a free first consultation with our team, and we will set up quotes and initial ideas on paper for you. Through our consultation services, you can access stunning visualisations of your ideal end project, as well as advice on what to do to really make the most of your premises and its general area.

By working with our consultants, you can be sure to get your home or commercial premises up and running sooner rather than later. Running any kind of building project is going to take time, effort and a lot of precision and energy. Why not ask for help from a leading team in your area? Contact Hayder Builders now to learn more – and let us take the strain of consultation and design off your shoulders. Call us or email us for a free quote and first consultation.


Great architecture takes more than just a great vision! It takes time, effort, and expertise to get right. Modern architecture demands modern facilities, and what’s more, you should always work with the best in the industry if you want to optimise safety, practicality, and aesthetics for your new build. It’s tempting to try and take it all on for yourself – but why not ask for help from a leading name in the local trade?

Hayder Builders offers a team of friendly experts who know all the ins and outs of modern architecture. From concrete and groundwork to joinery, carpentry, supports, planning and utilities, our team runs the whole gamut. What’s more, even if you are unsure what you really need from your bespoke architecture, we will always be on hand to offer you a variety of choice and recommendations. Work closely with us to bring your ideal architecture to life. From design through to fabrication and building, Hayder Builders offers a friendly and straightforward service you can rely on. If you’re struggling to get that big building project up and off the ground, it’s time to call in the experts.